About Us

The clinic was established over 25 years ago and until last year we were based in the old Hart Leisure Centre.

With our move we have gained two venues, closer contacts with local GP’s and access to the gym at the Elvetham hotel

What we can provide:
Rapid treatment – we aim to offer you an appointment within 48 hours of your initial enquiry.
Flexibility and convenience – appointments can be offered during the day, evenings and at home if necessary.
Chartered Physiotherapists – who specialise in musculoskeletal issues.
Open to Self referral – clients can contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.
Manual Therapy – All our Physiotherapists have a strong emphasis on manual therapy and utilise when appropriate.
A gymnasium at our Elvetham site – which extends options that we can provide for rehabilitation.
Close liaisons with your GP or consultant – as appropriate to ensure continuity of care.